Account Receivable Financing

Does Your Business Need Working Capital?

Many small and large businesses cannot obtain financing from their bank because they have too much debt or there is not enough income to qualify. Newly developed or established businesses selling on credit terms will ultimately need more working capital due to growth. If your credit sales to commercial accounts have created a cash flow shortage in your business, then your company will benefit the most by utilizing our accounts receivable financing service. Business owners realize that there is no need to borrow money from a bank in order to offer credit terms to customers. Let us help. If your medical office has medical accounts receivables that are causing a cash shortage, we may be able to help you will a solution to this problem. Many times medical practices find that they are short of

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What is Accounts Receivables Financing?

Accounts Receivables Financing is a method used by small and large businesses to convert sales on credit terms for immediate cash flow. Financing accounts receivables has become the choice financial means in obtaining flexible working capital for any sized business . . . The receivable credit line is determined by the financial strength of the customer (Buyer), not the client (the Seller of the receivables).
Accounts Receivables Financing is Easy

We make receivables financing easy to obtain with minimal paperwork. Our decisions are not based on financials, tax returns or even equity to debt ratios. We make decisions primarily on the invoicing process and the credit strength of the account debtor (buyer). We specialize in evaluating and financing accounts receivables and can make a prompt decision within 24 hours. This financial solution involves very little underwriting.

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Business Qualifications for Receivable Financing

Our financing can provide companies with seasonal or uneven sales patterns or start-up operations with no financial base to rely upon. Most business can qualify for receivable financing if it generates sales on open credit terms to customers with financial credit strength. Most of our clients are trying to find a solution to finance their growth or whose past earnings will not justify a traditional loan or credit line increase.

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