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We are rapidly becoming the resource for Single Premium Immediate Annuity and Pension income stream buy-outs, where qualified individuals may sell all or a portion of their annuity or pension income stream for a lump-sum cash payment. This allows our clients to have cash, cover an unexpected life event, finance a business opportunity, go on a vacation, or simply to have the peace of mind that cash in your hands can create. Our company facilitates the sale of your income stream. We differentiate from other companies by offering you the most competitive lump-sum payment.

Do You Need Cash?

Through our income stream purchase plan, we transact annuity and pension income stream buyouts through our financial partners and we send you a lump-sum payment.  This annuity or pension income stream buy-out is not a loan using your annuity or pension as collateral. It is a lump-sum cash payment payable to you.

3 simple steps to receive lump sum cash
It Comes Down to Basic Economics

Most people would rather have a few dollars today, rather than a few cents paid to them over an extended period of time. Get started right away by submitting our online No-Obligation Annuity or Pension Buy-Out request.

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