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Sell Your Annuity or Pension Income Stream Payments for a Lump Sum of Cash!We recognize that it is extremely difficult to wait for future payments from your annuity or pension income stream, especially when you can use cash right away.  We can help you get the cash you need in a lump sum payment by facilitating the purchase of all or part of your monthly

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Do You Need Cash?Our Solution: If you have money problems and you have a fixed annuity or pension income stream, we have a solution that can assist you in getting back to your feet again, financially.  Our company and affiliates have helped many people overcome their financial crisis by locating buyers and also by offering one of the most competitive lump-sum payments for our clients.  We want to help, we want your business and we compete.Some of our clients that we have helped have lost employment, are retired and need lump sum cash, need cash for a business start-up, are behind on their mortgage payments, they need assistance in catching up with their bills to retain their good credit rating, or they have an unexpected life event, or they simply want to have the security of having money available.Want To Know How Much You Can Get?Get started right away by submitting our online No-Obligation Annuity or Pension Buy-Out request. Get the Cash You Need Quickly! Contact us online or call us at 1.855.209.7088 – Ext. 101 today. Get lump sum cash for your annuity or pension fund today. We can help!

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