Sell Structured Settlement

The process of selling your annuity income stream or structured settlement is easy through

Step 1, you just go to our Free Annuity or Pension Income Stream Buy-Out Request Form and submit it online. We will then respond to you within a short time period with your personalized quote. Our forms ask for more details, because we want to be as accurate as possible for you, for your convenience. After we send you the quote, we usually follow that up with a phone call to answer any questions you may have. If you accept our quote, you just reply in an email and tell the person who wrote you which quote you have interest in. We will then email you our next procedures which are comprised of our Annuity Purchase Application and Free Credit Report instructions. This will on average, only take you about 30 minutes to complete and then fax back to us. Once received, we then email you our Seller’s Kit and refer an insurance broker to you. Once your insurance policy is in force, we can then place your case for sale. Once we locate a buyer for your case, final forms from you and the new buyer are completed and you are wired your funds.

This process can take as little as two weeks, but may take as much as six weeks. Most income streams require an assignable Term Insurance Policy that protects the Buyer. We assist you with this. Although, you have the right to find a low-cost Term Insurance policy on your own. However, if you do, please make sure it is Collaterally Assignable, or we cannot use it.

Please Note: Based on past performance, we can sell your case, if it qualifies. However, this is not a guaranteed service. Various factors could possibly make your case not sell within a reasonable time-frame. The market, economy, interest rates, the strength of your income stream provider and overall desirability of your income stream all may play some part in the sale of your income stream. We cannot guarantee a time-frame of when your income stream will be sold.

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