Why sell your annuity?

Why Sell Your Annuity?

When the SEC in 1998 first allowed the sale of annuities, people who own annuities have been able to sell all or a portion of their future annuity payments and take control of their finances, whether it be to start up a business, provide for unanticipated financial hardships, purchase the home of their dreams, or place their money into investments that better serve their financial objectives.

Why Settle for Monthly Payments When You Can Have a Lump Sum of Cash Now?

You have goals and dreams. Why wait to fulfill your dreams? If you had a solution, why postpone those dreams for years to pay off your debt, postpone purchasing a house, postpone paying for your child’s college education or start a business? You can receive a lump sum of cash from us in as little as two to six weeks. We pay top dollar in cash when we facilitate the purchase of your annuity income stream.

You know your financial health. Is selling all or part of your future annuity payments for a lump-sum cash payment the right decision for you? We can answer all of your questions so that you can make a well-informed and intelligent decision. If you determine that it is the right decision for you, we will facilitate the purchase of your annuity income stream within two to six weeks.

Want To Know How Much You Can Get?

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