Your Money, Your Future — You Decide

Many people these days now realize that you can sell an annuity or pension income stream, and receive a lump sum payment. Some years ago, a person had to hold onto their annuities or pensions for an indefinite period of time. People decide to sell annuities and pension income streams for various reasons. For younger people, having long-term annuity plans might not be necessary, even if they are safe investments. An older person that has diversified investments or that needs money now, may consider selling all or a portion of their annuity or pension income streams. Ultimately, it is acceptable to invest in long-term annuity payment plans, but not to the point where the returns hinder one’s potential gain. Having a steady flow of monthly payments for later times in life is a good idea. However, some people may not need to do that and might require a lump sum payment instead. It depends on how old a person is and what future goals he or she has, their health conditions, whether or not there are beneficiaries or not and so forth.

You may have decided to sell your annuity in order to purchase something substantial, like a home or automobile, or to pay off debts or current bills. Or, you may want to start a business or further diversify your investment portfolio. Or, you may just want the security of having a nice-sized amount of cash in the bank. can help you make your goals reality.

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